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The voice of an old friend hailed me, when, first returned from my Wanderings, I paced again in that long street of Darujhistan which is called the Escarpment Way; and suddenly taking me wonderingly by the hand, said, 'Tell me, since you are returned again by the assurance of Osserc, whilst we walk, as in former years, towards the blossoming orchards, what moved you, or how could you take such journeys into the Wastes of the World?'

Chanat D'argatty
Journeys of D'argatty

Kingdom of the Thaumaturgs[]


Refugees arrive at Saeng's village, fleeing a Thaumaturg army. That night she encounters a yakshaka, a giant Thaumaturg guard modified by magery; she realises it is her brother Hanu. He warns her of approaching danger. Together they flee, to search for the ancient Great Temple of her faith.

Dolmens of Tien[]

Murk and Sour[]

Murk and Sour, two minor Untan mages, have been hired by Sister Spite. They have landed in Jacuruku near the Dolmens of Tien. Spite sends Murk and Sour to scout, then she attempts to ward the Dolmen.

Explorers Sea[]


Kingdom of the Thaumaturgs[]

Army of Righteous Chastisement[]

The Thaumaturg army, commanded by General Golan, is marching eastwards to attack the lands belonging to Ardata, their traditional enemy. With them are Skinner and his 40 Disavowed. The Disavowed mage Mara is told by a messenger that the Chained God, with whom Skinner made a pact, is getting impatient.

Golan hears that one of his yakshaka is missing. He sends Pon-lor, a junior Thaumaturg officer, back along their trail to try to locate him.

Desert of the Adwami Tribes[]

The Adwami[]

The Warleader has organised a meeting of the quarrelsome Adwami tribes of the southwest desert lands. For a share of the spoils he will lead them in an attack on the Thaumaturgs. The meeting is interrupted by the arrival of a Shaduwam priest of Agon; because of philosophical differences they are hereditary enemies of the Thaumaturgs mages and he comes to offer their services in exchange for a quarter of any captives, whom they will sacrifice. The shaduwam are despised and the offer is declined.

Afterwards Prince Jatal, in charge of the contingent of one of the larger tribes, sees a light in the distance. Accompanied by Scarza, the Warleader's lieutenant, he investigates and finds a shaduwam human sacrifice, performed to curse the tribes.