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After the storm passed we were in unfamiliar waters,
irrevocably driven off course. We found ourselves
within sight of an unknown coast. We put in for
water but lost men to bizarre wild animals, poisonous
plants, and other hazards of its inhospitable jungle
and so we quit the coast in haste. Raising sails, we
espied a simple dugout paddled by one occupant. We
allowed the man to come aboard. He was painted and
mostly naked after the barbarous fashion. He studied
the vessel, its equipage, our dress and accoutrements,
all in the most childlike curious wonder. Then, turn-
ing to me, tears welling from his eyes, he said in
slanted Talian: 'Thank the gods for my deliverance.
For I am Whelhen Mariner, shipwrecked these last
twelve years.'

Resenal D'Ord
Master of the Lance
Excerpt from ship's journal

The Crimson Guard[]

K'azz and the Avowed finally arrive at Jakal Viharn and disembark. They find nothing but jungle and ruins, populated by a few villagers. They meet one of the locals, a woman with a variety of grotesque deformities. K'azz explains that she would have been born of shapechanger stock, caught halfway into a transformation from human to something else. K'azz also mentions that the Crimson Guards' task is not to fight but to bring back to the fold as many as possible of the Disavowed.

Murk and Sour[]

To Murk's surprise, Sour has 'gone native': he copies the native ways of adapting to the jungle and has developed expertise in finding food and medicinal plants. Both he and Murk detect the possible arrival of the Visitor, which would obliterate the land.

Queen of Dreams[]

The Queen of Dreams and Ina reach a river; though the Enchantress has removed all her occult defences to prevent Ardata perceiving her as a threat, she is still able magically to create a boat and propel them up-river. Sister Spite detects their presence and arrives in dragon form, sinking the boat. She accepts the Enchantress' statement that she is just a sorceress and departs.


Jatal and Scarza have pursued Warleader for four days, but are still behind him. Jatal is consumed by self-recrimination about Princess Andanii.

Thaumaturg Army[]

Many labourers and troops of the Thaumaturg army died overnight. Golan learns that only eighteen hundred fit troops now remain.