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It was almost impossible to compel the locals to enter
any ruins or abandoned villages. 'Do you not fear
the ghosts?' they would ask. 'There are no ghosts,' I
told them. But they disagreed. ' Ghosts live in all dark
places in Jacuruku,' they all assured me. 'They are
under bridges, in corners, under fallen trees, in all
the old villages. They are afoot and very much alive.'

Infantryman Bakar
Testimony to the Circle of Masters

The DisavowedEdit

The Disavowed are losing a running fight with large numbers of jungle monsters. Skinner gathers them to make a stand on a hill. Rutana arrives to taunt Skinner, telling him that he is to be replaced as Ardata's Consort by K'azz. She then turns herself into an enormous monster and attacks Skinner. After a while Skinner allows her to swallow him, then kills her from within and cuts himself free.


Pon-lor, sick and injured, wanders through the jungle. He has visions of a native village about to be destroyed by the fall of the Visitor and realises Saeng may have been right.

Queen of Dreams/Murk and SourEdit

Ina's hand became infected in the river, and she is becoming increasingly weak. She and the Enchantress encounter the Malazan mercenaries and bargain with them: Sour is to attempt to heal Ina in exchange for the Enchantress's services. Sour realises the arm will need to be amputated.

Murk speaks again to Celeste; she decides to seek union with the entity she has detected.


Shimmer wanders around the ruins and encounters Ardata. She learns that K'azz is to be offered Skinner's place as consort and realises that Ardata has little understanding of humans. Ardata also mentions that her realm holds together everything  in it that was, is, or will be.

Shimmer is escorted back to the others by Ardata's attendant, a young girl called Lek; Shimmer notices that she has distorted limbs.

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