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The locals, I am sorry to say, are indolent and lazy. All that they need can be found in the surrounding jungle within reach of everyone, and so they lack industry and application. They are oddly content in their simple ways: an earthenware pot serves to cook foods; three stones are buried to serve as a hearth; ladles are made from coconuts; the small leaves of the chao plant are used to make little spoons to bring liquids to the mouth - these they throw away when the meal is finished. It is in vain one searches for the natural urge to a better way of life.

Ular Takeq
Customs of Ancient Jakal-Uku

Thaumaturg ArmyEdit

Golan wakes and senses the Thaumaturg mages creating a spell; it feels like the one created millennia ago against the High King Kallor, the one that devastated the continent. He hurries his remaining troops towards it.

The DisavowedEdit

The Shattered God's priest takes Skinner and the Disavowed to the Stormwall to retrieve a fragment of the Shattered God held there. After fighting Stormriders and Korelri they retrieve the fragment and are returned to the jungle. However Skinner kills the priest and keeps the fragment, relinquishing his position as King of Chains.


Soon after Sister Spite arrives and takes the fragment, then veers to her dragon form flies away; she intends to use its power to attack her sister Envy.

Saeng and Pon-lorEdit

Saeng and Hanu reach the Great Temple but discover the whole Circle of Thaumaturg Masters already there, creating a ritual. They find an entrance beneath the temple to the Altar of Light, the focus of the whole continent. A great pillar of power rises from it, and Saeng realises it is this that she must control to foil the Thaumaturg mages. But Kenjak Ashevajak and his remaining bandits arrive and wound Hanu. Kenjak is about to kill Saeng when Pon-lor appears and kills them. He tries to heal Hanu; Saeng attempts to control the power of the ritual.

Murk and SourEdit

Murk, Sour, and the Malazan mercenaries arrive at Jakal Viharn. Murk uses his warren to scout, and finds Skinner and the Disavowed already there.


Shimmer is roused by the Brethren's unease and finds the others already alert. Cowl has arrived. He speaks to K'azz, saying he had come to tell him of a truth that he'd glimpsed; but he now realised that K'azz already knew it.


Osserc finally finds what he has been searching for in the Azath House: it is self-knowledge that he has needed. He leaves, and immediately senses a major threat that involves his warren, Kurald Thyrllan. [Speculation: the Thaumaturg ritual that controls the Visitor draws on the light of Thyrllan to create the pillar of power.]

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