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There are many tattooed men and women. Tattoos are often religious incantations or symbols. They are held to offer protection against illness, curses and to ward off the attention of ghosts. The more superstitious the person, the more tattoos they are apt to have. Since tattooing is very painful, the victim chews mind-dulling leaves or inhales stupefying smoke, without relent, for the days of the operation.

Matha Banness
In Jakuruku

Gangrek MountsEdit

Army of Righteous ChastisementEdit

The Thaumaturg army is advancing ponderously through the Gangrek Mounts. On the fourth night the flank is attacked by a monster. Skinner is sent by General Golan to kill it, and easily does so.

Kingdom of the ThaumaturgsEdit


Saeng and Hanu reach an apparently deserted village. The villagers have been captured by a bandit troop led by Kenjak Ashevajak, and will be sold into slavery. Saeng lets herself be captured. That night she summons power and spirits. The bandits flee.

White Spires SeaEdit


Kingdom of the ThaumaturgsEdit

The AdwamiEdit

The Adwami army led by Warleader advances, though in some disorder due to tribal rivalries. Prince Jatal scouts ahead and encounters Princess Andanii, whose tribe is a traditional enemy of his. They talk; she seems to be proposing an alliance, if not more.

Dolmens of TienEdit


Sister Spite sends Murk and Sour to find a way into the heart of the Dolmens. They realise that it is a Chaining, a prison where a fragment of the Shattered God is bound. They discuss this with Spite, who intends to enter it.

The DeadhouseEdit


Osserc has managed to enter the Malaz Deadhouse, hoping to extract information from its guardian, Gothos. They meet, but Gothos refuses to answer his questions.

Kingdom of the ThaumaturgsEdit


Kenjak Ashevajak has lost most of his bandit supporters, and wishes to revenge himself on Saeng. He approaches Pon-lor and his detachment in disguise and tells him where he can find a witch and their missing yakshaka.

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