Blood and Bone
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The magnificent city of Jakal Viharn lies westward
of those lands known as Fist, or Korel, and inland.
It lieth under the equinoctial line, and it hath more
abundance of gold than any other region of the
world. I have been assured as such by accounts from
earlier travelers who have witnessed such wonders
and have seen with their own eyes the great city. For
its richness, and the excellence of its seat, this great
city far exeedeth any of the world.

Allar Ralle
The Discovery of the Empire of Jacuruku

The AdwamiEdit

The invading Adwami tribes have reached the Ghetan plains, meeting little resistance. Warleader shows Prince Jatal a man who has been altered by the Thaumaturg mages: inhumanly strong, but blinded and mindless, he is fettered to a mill. That night Princess Andanii comes in disguise to Prince Jatal's tent.

Murk and SourEdit

Together with some Malazan mercenaries, Murk and Sour travel through the jungle with the fragment of the Shattered God. When Murk enters his Warren he sees the fragment as an innocent young girl who calls herself Celeste. An Artorallah demon appears and binds Murk but, with a stamp of her foot, Celeste repels the demon and releases him.


The Crimson Guard are still travelling up the river. Most of the time they in a dream-state. Shimmer realises they have eaten nothing for days and are weakening. They land, and Shimmer is attacked by jackal-men. To her surprise she is rescued by a magical blast from one of her dead Brethren, Smoky. When she later asks K'azz how this is possible he evades the question.


Saeng and Hanu are in the Gangrek Mounts. Hanu disappears into a sink-hole; Saeng follows him down and finds him unconscious in a riverbed. The waters rise and they are both swept away.

Saeng regains consciousness on a bank. They meet Old Man Moon and his offspring Ripan. Moon carries Hanu to his home and offers to cure his concussion in exchange for an unspecified service.

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