Blood and Bone
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At nightfall we arrived close to an inhabited place.
We heard the dull blows of axes resounding from
the depths of the jungle. It was a new village under
construction. Suddenly, piercing cries rang in our
ears and in front of me, barely a few rods away, a
monstrous half-man, half-animal appeared leaping
on all fours. It was dragging a child off. Crying out,
my porters and I gave chase, shouting, in pursuit of
the ferocious beast. A few moments later we found
the child, which the monster had dropped in its flight.
Taking it into my arms, I was astounded to see that it
bore not one scratch from its ordeal.

Francal Garner
Travels in Jacuruku,
Jacal River Exploration Report, Vol. 1

Murk and SourEdit

Murk, Sour and the Malazan mercenaries are deep in the Jungle of Himatan and running out of supplies. They become aware that they are being watched. That night a patrol vanishes and is later found butchered.

The next day they meet a delegation of the locals who, after some discussion, invite them to their village.


Pon-lor's troops are dying from wounds and sickness. Finally only one remains as they try to find Kenjak Ashevajak. However he finds them, the guard is killed and Pon-lor captured. He could use his powers to escape but prefers to wait; they are taking him towards the witch and the missing yakshaka, which is where he wants to go.


Shimmer remembers the circumstances of the swearing of their Vow. She becomes lost in her memories and Stoop has to help her return out of the dream.

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