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Of the semi-mythical lands some know as 'Jacuruku',
accounts from returned shipwrecked sailors tell
of great earthworks and large reservoirs within
the boundless tracts of deadly jungle. Such claims,
if true, lead one to wonder just who may have
constructed such large edifices. Very probably they
are the remnants of relatives of our own ancestors
who themselves, according to legend, once migrated
by ship across the waters in search of other lands.
For who else could possess the intelligence, the drive
and the determination to conquer such unmitigated

Authors Various
A History of Mare Shipwrecks and Wanderings

Thaumaturg Army[]

The Thaumaturg army is fast losing labourers and troops to sickness. They arrive at a wide river and Golan orders rafts to be built.

The Adwami[]

Warleader and the Adwami tribes encounter their first significant resistance. At first they see only a roadblock manned by peasants, who they easily overcome. However they are then attacked by yakshakas and Thaumaturg mages. That the Adwani win is largely due to Warleader, who appears immune to the mages' arts and slaughters them all.

Prince Jatal is despondent that Princess Andanii is avoiding him, and realises she is now romantically involved with Warleader.

The Crimson Guard[]

The ship carrying K'azz and the Avowed appears to run aground. However the obstruction is not a sandbar as they first assume, but an enormous serpent wider than the ship. Rutana persuades it to depart.


Kenjak Ashevajak's bandits have captured Saeng and Hanu, the witch and yakshaka that they have been pursuing. However the bandits are attacked by natives and in the confusion the captives escape, though Saeng is pierced by a poisoned arrow. Pon-lor also escapes and follows them.


Spite has entered the jungle in pursuit of the fragment of the Shattered God. Himatan is aware of her and she is attacked by monsters, and then swallowed by an enormous Worm of Autumn. She destroys the worm from the inside and continues her search.