Blood and Bone
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After having lived among these tribes for many years now I have formed the considered opinion that but for all the differing ritual, accoutrements, myths and attributes of their religious practices, we both seek answers to the same profound questions universal to the human condition: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going?

Whelhen Mariner
Narrative of a Shipwreck and Captivity
within a Mythical Land


Jatal and Scarza find Warleader, much damaged but still alive. Jatal now understands that Warleader is Kallor and cannot be killed. He asks Kallor to kill him, hoping to join Princess Andanii in death, and Kallor does so.

L'oric and SpiteEdit

Osserc's son L'oric finds his father unconscious, having been hurt while deflecting the threat he had detected. Sister Spite is there too, and together they take him to the border of Kurald Thyrllan, the Tiste Liosan warren, that Osserc had long ago caused to be sealed. Recognising Osserc, the Tiste unseal the warren and take him inside.

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