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Bloor was an inland city on the River Bloor on the eastern half of the continent of Quon Tali. It lay about midway between Cawn and Unta.[1] To its north was the city of Thade.

Known nativesEdit

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

The mage, Nedurian — in Malaz City at the time — recalled once having sold his services to the king of Bloor in the days before the existence of the Malazan Empire.[4]

Horst Grethall, a caravan-master and merchant, conducted his large caravans from just south of Li Heng southward across Itko Kan lands to their terminus in Fedal, Quon Tali. He wanted to be called "Horst" by those who knew him well, and as "caravan-master" by everyone else. When a new member of one of Horst's caravans addressed the caravan-master as "sir", Horst Grethall testily responded, "Sir? What do I look like? A damned Bloorian fop?" This would seem to indicate a wide-spread belief in Quon Tali that Bloor was full of inhabitants who were foolishly over-dressed dandies or coxcombs.[5]

History Edit

Bloor had once been an independent city ruled by a king[4] before the early Imperial campaigns to conquer Quon Tali. As the city fell to Malazan forces, a company of the city's royal guard found themselves surrounded in a square by Dassem Ultor's archers. The royal guard decided to use children as shields. Disgusted, Dassem had nets thrown at them to entangle them, and once the children were safely extricated, the guards were impaled and left to slowly die in agony. They were the only enemies in Dassem's career who were so tortured.[6]

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