The Blue Moranth were a clan of Moranth considered to be the sailors and traders amongst their people. They were known to take on the Seguleh on occasions where they encountered them at sea.

Ships and WeaponryEdit

Blue Moranth vessels were extraordinarily large, dark-painted, three-masted, deepwater ships. They had three banks of oars and an armoured three storey tower on their forecastles.[1][2] Inside they were roomy, clean, and nearly odourless. They carried the faint smell of sulphur, honey, and pine sap.[3]

The Blue Moranth were able to communicate between vessels using tall braziers on deck. Specific commands were issued by dropping packets into the fire resulting in colours of intense orange, brilliant red, green, sea blue, or silver-white.[4]

During close-quarters combat, the forecastle towers could project an alchemical stream of liquid fire, which even burned on water, rolling over waves and collecting in pools. Ship mounted crossbows fired grapnels trailing ropes in order to entangle the opposing ship.[5]

The Moranth also had access to more traditional munitions and over longer ranges could fire sheets of flaming projectiles that used secondary bursts to scatter an inferno.[6][7]

In one instance, the Blue Moranth joined two vessels together like a catamaran with a ship-length beam construction suspended between them. During the marine assault on the harbour fortifications of Aamil, the beam was revealed to be a siege tower. After maneuvering below a seaside curtainwall, the tower was swung up between the ships to a vertical position before being extended upwards in multiple collapsible sections. Marines could then ascend an interior ladder to the top of the wall.[8]

Notable Blue Moranth Edit

In Memories of IceEdit

By the time of the Pannion War in 1164 BS, a schism had occurred amongst the Moranth, triggered by a succession of Gold Moranth defeats. Afterwards, only the Black Moranth remained loyal allies of the Malazan Empire, although the Blue continued to operate the Malazan sea-lanes to Seven Cities.[9]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

The Blue Moranth were contracted by the Talian League to transport troops from Genabackis to Quon Tali to fight in the Malazan civil war.

In StonewielderEdit

The Emperor Mallick Rel offered the Moranth a contract as a result of which the Blue Moranth under Admiral Swirl formed part of the Malazan Expeditionary Force. Their skilled navigation and superior weaponry allowed them to break the Mare blockade, possibly the first Malazan ships to do so in over twenty years.[10][11] Afterwards, the Marese were forced to sue for peace.[12]

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