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Bluerose was a formerly independent kingdom that was subjugated and reduced to a protectorate by the Kingdom of Lether.[1][2][3] It was located in the north central part of the continent of Lether, along the northwest coast of the Bluerose Sea. The kingdom's name came from a sapphire-colored mineral, intricate as roses, which grew in the caves that were prevalent in the region's Bluerose Mountains.[4]

Before the coming of the Letherii, the nation had been ruled from the Obsidian Throne by the High King of Bluerose, Supreme Servant to the Black Winged Lord, and the Council of Onyx Wizards.[2]


While posing as human, a significant proportion of Bluerose's population was secretly of Tiste Andii blood and heritage. These were the descendants of the Tiste Andii under Silchas Ruin, who survived the betrayal by Scabandari and his Tiste Edur after their alliance had defeated the K'Chain Che'Malle. The Tiste Edur initially believed they had slaughtered all of their former allies, but the Tiste Andii wounded, the stragglers, the elders and mothers and children left well behind the field of battle had all witnessed this betrayal and fled. They were protected in their flight by four barely grown sorcerers, who would become the founders of the Onyx Order. The survivors eluded their pursuers and fashioned a sanctuary in the caves beneath the mountains on the shore of an inland sea. Within the caves grew the flowers of sapphire from which the kingdom, sea, and mountains would derive their common name.[2]

By the time of the reign of the Letherii King Ezgara Diskanar only a few thousand Tiste Andii remained. Their nation had been conquered by the Letherii for sixty years and reduced to a protectorate.[5] The last refuge of the Tiste Andii was Andara, a well-hidden monastery dedicated to the Black-Winged Lord beneath the northern Bluerose Mountains. Their ruler-mages were known as Onyx Wizards.[6]

As time had passed they became known for their cavalry, and were used as such after being conquered by the Letherii. Unhappy under their new masters, the people of Bluerose purposely sabotaged any riding equipment given to their clueless Letherii overlords, who had never mastered horseback riding on their own.[5] Even under the tutelage of dozens of Bluerose officers, Letherii cavalry was inept and disorganised.[5]

Some lighter-skinned Tiste Andii existed among the Tiste Edur (who had settled in northwestern Lether), spying on behalf of Bluerose. For generations they would remain as Watchers, avoiding suspicion by bleaching their skin and communicating with each other through secret gestures. Ahlrada Ahn, one of these spies, mentioned that he would at some point fake his death so that he could come home to Bluerose, indicating that other Watchers had done this before him.[2]


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