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Empire of Lether and its neighbours

The Bluerose Mountains ran through the kingdom of Bluerose and encircled the inland Bluerose Sea on the Lether continent. The mountains, sea, and kingdom all derived their name from the flowers of sapphire that grew in the deep caves buried beneath the mountains.[1]

The South Jasp River was one of four tributaries of the Lether River originating in the Bluerose Mountains.[2] There were three passes in the western mountains.[3] The southernmost pass was Pearls Pass leading to Pearls in south Bluerose.[4] Further north, the rutted track traversing the pass closest to the South Jasp River was guarded by a Letherii fort and Garrison. The fort stood on the side of the track amidst a field of treacherous rubble. Its walls were thick at the base but quickly tapered as they reached twice the height of a man. At each corner of the wall were massive, squared and flat-topped bastions. The interior featured a main house, stables, and muster area. Approximately one to two hundred Letherii soldiers were stationed there along with hundreds of civilian support staff.[5]

The primary trade goods brought eastward through the mountains into Bluerose were slaves and some luxury foodstuffs from the far south.[6] The range's western side was notorious for bandits.[7]

Primitive sea-creatures known as Ootooloo lived in the mountains' hot springs,[8][9] while Orthen were unique to the South Jasp pass.[10] The mountains were also home to rock-climbing horned sheep and cliff-nesting condors.[11]

In The Bonehunters[]

The Tiste Andii survivors of Silchas Ruin and Scabandari Bloodeye's invasion of the Malazan world fled to the Bluerose Mountains after the Tiste Edur betrayed them and found sanctuary in their caves.[1]

In Reaper's Gale[]

Silchas Ruin, Seren Pedac, Fear Sengar, Udinaas, Kettle, and the Shadow wraith Wither followed the South Jasp River up into the Bluerose Mountains. There they discovered the remains of a vertical fortress carved into the stone of the entire mountainside. The Acquitor believed the large gaping windows, shattered balconies, metopes, cornices, and friezes too worn to make out were signs that an ancient city had once stood there. There was still evidence of some massive collision that seemed to have obliterated the city in a single blow, sending rubble down the slopes. Ruin identified the place as the beginnings of a K'Chain Che'Malle skykeep from an early time when they were still open to the air rather than sealed defensively within stone. It had been destroyed by the powerful Starvald Demelain sorcery of at least a dozen dragons. Wither revealed that the dragons had acted against the K'Chain Che'Malle to stop them from vengefully annihilating all existence as their race slid into extinction.[12]

The group passed the through the ancient city in an attempt to bypass the fort guarding the pass, but found the way blocked by wards laid by the K'risnan, Ventrala. Ruin decided he would no longer run from their pursuers and attacked the fort accompanied by a horde of orthen that had risen from the forest. The Tiste Andii made short work of the K'risnan's Edur escort and sent Atri-Preda Hayenar's surviving Letherii forces to flight as the orthen feasted on the dead. Ruin cornered Ventrala inside the fort and allowed him to leave alive so that he could deliver a message to Ceda Hannan Mosag.[13]

Factor Letur Anict and Orbyn Truthfinder returned to the area with soldiers and Drene scouts to investigate an illicit shipment of weapons that had gone missing. While travelling through the pass,Venitt Sathad found the fort half burnt down and strewn with bones, although he had heard a new detachment was on the way with carpenters, tree-fellers, and a blacksmith.[14]

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