Blues was a Corporal of the 6th Blade of the Crimson Guard.[1] He was a Napan and considered to be one of the Guard's most powerful mages and its preeminent finesse swordsman.[2][3] He was described as "a muscular squat fellow, dark-skinned".[4]

He was the Guard's weaponmaster and carried sticks, knives, and twinned longswords.[5] He often played with a pair of short sticks when doing nothing else.[citation needed]

In Gardens of the Moon Edit

Blues vs Lorn by Shadaan

Blues vs Lorn by Shadaan

Blues appeared on the night of the Gedderone Fête in Darujhistan, where he had been on a protective detail for the Coinbearer on the orders of the K'azz D'Avore. He engaged in a duel with the Adjunct Lorn using two scimitars, and bewildered her with his speed and skill, fighting without the use of any magery. He seriously wounded her, and Lorn had to take a cut on her shoulder just to disengage. Lorn withdrew from the fight, giving it up as a lost cause.[6]

In Midnight TidesEdit

Crimson Guard mage, Corlo, told Seren Pedac that Blues was among the best fighters of the Avowed. The mage placed him in the same rank as Black the Elder, Halfdan, Iron Bars, Jup Alat, or Poll.[7] Iron Bars compared Emperor Rhulad Sengar's potential fighting prowess to that of Blues, Shimmer, or even Skinner given another five more years of training.[8]

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In Return of the Crimson Guard Edit

Blues later reappeared under the assumed name of "Grief" and along with Treat liberated the Malazan mages being held prisoner in The Pit mining camp on Otataral Island.[9] The pair joined the rest of their Blade on board the Forlorn to transport their new recruits back to the Guard.[10] Along the way the Malazan mages sensed momentous events involving the Guard near Li Heng and Yathengar 'ul Amal convinced Blues to allow a ritual that would speed their travel. The ritual brought their ship through the warren of Serc.

But Yathengar betrayed his rescuers, sending the ship into Chaos before opening a rent into the midst of the Battle of the Plains.[11] The Forlorn crashed, spewing Blues and the others onto the field. Blues and the surviving Avowed, along with the mage Ho and a Malazan saboteur squad, attempted to defeat Yathengar, but were overpowered. They then provided protection for the Malazan High Mage Tayschrenn until he and Yathengar disappeared into the rent just before it was closed with Moranth munitions.[12]

Blues soon reunited with the Guard, now once again under K'azz D'Avore's leadership, and left for Stratem by Warren.[13]

In Stonewielder Edit

After the Battle of the Plains, Blues returned to Stratem with the rest of Guard. There he became the Lord Governor of Haven Province.[14]

Upon receiving word that missing Guardsman Iron Bars was a prisoner on the Stormwall, Blues led Fingers, Lazar, and Shell on a rescue mission. They crossed from Stratem to the Lands of Fist by foot, running afoul of the Chase, a Jheck war band.[15] After crossing the Iceback Range into the Plains of Blight, they hired Orzu and his clan of Sea-Folk to sail them to Korel Island.[16]

When they reached the Stormguard fortress at Shelter, they infiltrated the Stormwall by passing themselves off as prisoners.[17] Blues fought expertly on the Wall and was placed in the thick of the fighting. Towards the end, when the Stormwall was coming down around them, he and his squad made their move to rescue Bars. Blues fought a divinely blessed Wall Marshal Quint in hand to hand combat, surprising the Mortal Sword with his inhuman resilience. Then he, Shell, and Fingers fought the Malazan High Mage Ussü before retrieving Bars, Corlo, and Jemain. Before the Wall came down Blues transported them all away by Warren.[18]

Once free, they sensed Skinner and his Disavowed at the Sky Tower. They raced to meet them only to see their former comrades disappear into a Warren with a fragment of the Crippled God. Blues and the others returned to Stratem to inform K'azz D'Avore.[19]

In Assail Edit

Blues travelled to Assail as part of Shimmer's expedition to find Cal-Brinn and the lost Fourth Company. As the Guard neared Cal-Brinn on the high peaks of the Salt Mountains, Iron Bars and other members of the Guard began to succumb to the extreme cold of Omtose Phellack. But Blues, K'azz D'Avore, and Shimmer were not affected. K'azz asked Iron Bars and the others suffering to go back off the ice for their own safety. At the top of the mountain the remaining Guard learned from Silverfox and Kilava Onass that their vow had made them, in effect, T'lan Imass. Those, like Blues, who did not feel the cold had died sometime in the past and been brought back by the magic of the vow.[20]

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