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Empire of Lether and its neighbours

The Bolkando Kingdom was located in eastern Lether. Though nominally ruled by their King Tarkulf, the true power seemed to rest in the hands of Chancellor Rava and Queen Abrastal.

The region was home to a species of large predatory striped cat.[1]

Notable Bolkando[]

In Reaper's Gale[]

As their justification for massacring the Awl and seizing the lands of the Awl'dan, the Letherii Empire and the Liberty Consign of Merchants invented rumours of a warmongering alliance between the Awl, the Bolkando, the Akrynnai, the D'rhasilhani, and the Saphinand Kingdom. The belligerent Horde of the Bolkando Conspiracy was said to be readying to march on the empire's eastern territories. In truth, the Awl probably had little or no contact with the Bolkando.[2]

Letherii chancellor Triban Gnol stoked the fires of war with Emperor Rhulad Sengar, claiming the Patriotists had already arrested four agents of the conspiracy within Letheras. He argued for a formal declaration of war and a pre-emptive campaign of conquest into the borderlands, saying it was better to spill blood on foreign soil rather than in Letherii lands.[3]

Word of the supposed conspiracy reached Bolkando and its allies and, looking upon the Letherii invasion of the Awl'dan, the Bolkando were forced to respond in their own defence. The imaginary alliance became a reality. Soon, with the assistance of mercenaries (who were possibly Onos T'oolan's White Face Barghast) they had overrun the Letherii border forts and forced the badly wounded Letherii divisions to withdraw in two separate battles.[4][5]

By the time Adjunct Tavore Paran's Bonehunters had invaded Letheras, the five Letherii armies facing the Bolkando alliance on the borderlands had gone silent. The Letherii were under the command of "a competent if not brilliant commander" and had last reported a half day before the armies were expected to clash. Not a single mage had reported back since then and Finadd Varat Taun assumed they had been destroyed.[6] While discussing terms of the Letherii surrender, Adjunct Tavore told Brys Beddict that Bolkando and its allies had overrun the borderlands and were marching into the empire.[7]

Calasp Hivanar later covered the details of the Bolkando conspiracy in his History of Lether.[4]

In Dust of Dreams[]

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