Bone Pass was the single cut through the eastern escarpment of the Laederon Plateau leading to Silver Lake and the lowlands below. It was named by the Teblor, Pahlk, after traveling through the pass on the great raid of his youth.[1] The pass was known by the name T'lan Pass by the people of Silver Lake.[2]

The pass began in Sunyd tribal lands where a river had cut a notch a thousand or more paces deep into the cliff-side. The torrential flow of water fell at least another thousand feet into a mist-shrouded valley. A steep path covered in broken shale and scree led to down to the massive stone shelf where the river poured over the side of the escarpment. When disturbed, the loose shale cascaded down the slope revealing rough, broad steps of bone mixed with antlers, tusks, and helms. The bones emitted a faint glow and a breath of unnatural cold. Further cascades of rock periodically hid the bone stairs, proving a danger to travelers.[3]

The path continued downward in a series of switchbacks paralleling the falling water until it reached the valley floor.[4]

In House of Chains[edit | edit source]

The Teblor Karsa Orlong, Bairoth Gild, and Delum Thord made their way to the pass in order to travel to Silver Lake to replicate the raid of Karsa's grandfather, Pahlk. Bairoth thought the river's notch unnatural in appearance, thinking it had been carved by a god and doubting it had been created by water. Karsa accidentally revealed the pass' bone steps by setting off an avalanche of shale. Bairoth was astonished by the bone construction estimating it had used the bodies of tens of thousands to construct. He guessed that the bones belonged to the T'lan Imass who were thought to have fought in the Spirit Wars on the plateau.[5] The Kron T'lan Imass were known to have fought their 17th or 18th Jaghut War in the area.[6]

The three Teblor made their way down the pass wary of pursuers who might set off a cascade of rock after them.[5]

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