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Female Bonecaster by Efirende

A Bonecaster (also spelled Bone Caster[1]) was an Imass or T'lan Imass shaman.[2] T'lan Imass Bonecasters used the Warren of Tellann to cast their magic. It was the Bonecasters from nearly all the nations of the Imass under the guidance of Olar Ethil that invoked the first Ritual of Tellann, changing the Imass from flesh and blood to the undead T'lan Imass. This Ritual also created the Warren of Tellann.

They could spiritwalk to see visions of the present and future, and hear whispers from the earth to locate their clan mates or prey.[3]

Bonecasters might be recognized as such due to their lack of weapons.[4]

Known Bonecasters Edit

  • Silverfox - she was initially the only flesh and blood Bonecaster born after the ritual who was known to the T'lan Imass who took part in it. There had however been other Imass who had abstained from the event but whose descendants had later taken part in a Second ritual, long after the original one.[5]
  • Kilava Onass - also flesh and blood but as ancient as the T'lan Imass. She refused to join the ritual but became immortal for other reasons. Before the ritual, she belonged to the Logros.

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