Bonecutter Jute was the bonecutter and sometime Ruse sea-mage, usually the worse for drink, aboard the corsair vessel, the Tempest. An old man, Jute was grey-haired with a long beard and "rheumy eyes". He was described by Hela, a fellow crew member, as being an "old winesack" and a "useless old soak". Still, other corsairs aboard the Tempest held Bonecutter Jute and his opinions in a certain amount of respect - probably because of the age and experience of the bonecutter and Ruse mage.[1]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

Deep in the ship's hold, members of the crew of the Tempest, led by Hela, had been plotting to kill Kallor (also referred to by them as 'the stranger') who was a passenger of the ship - along with his minion, Lars Jindrift - who were sailing on the Tempest from Seven Ruins Island westward across the ocean.[2] While this murderous talk had been going on, Bonecutter Jute had been lying nearby in a drunken stupor. The crew having made the decision to do away with Kallor, some of the conspirators thought that the bonecutter should be consulted beforehand. The young corsair, Renalt, managed to rouse Jute but was unable to get any sense out of him, the bonecutter being even more soused than usual. The crew involved in the plot having gone to the ship's armoury for weaponry, Bonecutter Jute - left behind - seemingly explained to the rats near him in the ship's hold that he was drinking more because he was afraid. Kallor having had no difficulty dealing with the would-be murderous corsairs, Jute appeared on deck, meeting Lars Jindrift there. The old bonecutter and Ruse mage told Lars that an "ancient evil has returned", and then - without hesitation - threw himself overboard straight into the sea.[3]


"I drink when I'm afeared. And I'm greatly afeared o' something."
―Bonecutter Jute talking mainly to himself[src]

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