Borbos was an inhabitant of Farrog who was a member of a secret society named 'The Grand Order of the Wax Masons' - belonging specifically to the 'Lavender Hive of the Full Moon'. As such, Borbos was known as a 'Honeymooner' and probably sported a tattoo on his forearm of a honeybee along with the full Moon. The defining ritual of the 'Lavender Hive' took place once a month on the night of the full Moon - at the third bell before midnight. At that time the 'Honeymooners', having each eaten a basket of lavender flowers, bared their bottoms to the Moon and passed aromatic gas as many times as possible. The individual 'Honeymooner' who could break wind the most number of times in a row became the 'Chief Rumpah' of the 'Lavender Hive' - a prestigious honor amongst the 'Wax Masons'.[1]

In The Fiends of NightmariaEdit

Borbos badly wanted to become the 'Chief Rumpah', but he was not able to achieve sufficient flatulence with just lavender flowers so as to win the title. Thus, Borbos started cheating by secretly eating lima beans and cabbage. The then 'Chief Rumpah', the thief, Barunko, felt that he had to slay Borbos - not only because of his dishonesty in this important matter, but also because honeybees were being killed by Borbos', now potent, flatulence.[2]

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