Kurald Galain

Kurald Galain

The Borderswords were a Tiste military-like organization whose northern branch was based in Riven Keep in Kurald Galain. Their founding philosophy "rejected the stilted rigidity of Kharkanas and sought out a rawer truth upon the very edge of civilization. They claimed to live under older laws, the kind that bound all forms of life."[1]

Their organisation carried no ranks, instead operating on a mysterious hierarchy that changed fluidly depending on the circumstances.[2] Their flag was bare and displayed no heraldry.[3] In emergencies they could form a mobile arm of light cavalry numbering around eight hundred.[4]

Known for their neutrality, Borderswords made themselves available for hire and they made loyal and reliable companions. They were especially useful for wilderness treks bringing skills related to cooking, hunting, camping, and managing horses.[5]

The Borderswords at Riven Keep helped support their population with mass hunts on the plains to the west and north where they competed for Bhederin with the Jheleck.[6]

Branches of the Borderswords had fought in both the Forulkan War and the Jheleck War. The southern branch had been the first to respond to the invading Forulkans, staggering their enemies at great cost. Their numbers dwindled to the point where they were used as veteran auxiliaries, but they still managed to participate in all of the final battles of the war. Before the war's end House Hust supplied them with the first of the legendary Hust swords and they became the core of the Hust Legion.[7] The northern branch fought the Jheleck largely in their wolf forms and grew to respect them as individual warriors, but vanquished them when they tried to fight as armies.[8]

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The Borderswords were an early target of Hunn Raal's conspiracy to place Vatha Urusander on the throne of Kharkanas. Members of Urusander's Legion disguised themselves as Houseblades of Dracons Hold and massacred the village at Riven Keep while most Borderswords were away hunting. Eight hundred Borderswords angry for blood raced to Dracons Hold and clashed with the real House Dracons heavy cavalry. The Borderswords' light cavalry was crushed, losing as many as two thirds of their numbers.[9]

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