Brackle was one of the original Bridgeburners.[1]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Brackle was mentioned by Gesler in what was intended to be a Bridgeburners-style sergeants' meeting, called by Fiddler, at the time the Bonehunters were preparing to leave Letheras to begin their long march to the east on their way to Kolanse - attending this meeting were Sergeants Fiddler, Gesler, Balm, Cord, Thom Tissy, Hellian, Urb, Badan Gruk, Sinter, and Primly.[2]


"Gesler gave a sour laugh. 'Well, Fid, Bridgeburners sergeants we ain't, and I guess that's pretty obvious. Can you imagine Whiskeyjack and Brackle and Picker and the rest moaning over every damned thing the way you got here? I can't and I never even met them.' "
―Gesler, using Brackle's name as an example, speaking his mind in Fiddler's sergeants' meeting[src]

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