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Brous was a village on the Brous River in the Kingdom of Lether.[1] It was surrounded by a wooden palisade and protected by a small garrison commanded by Finadd Arlidas Tullid.[2]

Downriver was the city of Miner Sluice and upriver was First Reach. Nearby were the villages of Denner and Lan.[3] To the southeast was Almas. The Brous Road was a raised road running westward from the city.[4]

The village was built amidst ancient stone ruins, many half-buried and massive in size. Raised stone causeways formed a crazed web of roads through the nearby forest. The ruins had once been a holy site of the Tarthenal, although they had not built them.[5] In fact, the name "Brous" came from the Tarthenal language.[3]

In Midnight TidesEdit

Acquitor Seren Pedac brought Iron Bars and his Crimson Guardsmen to Brous on their way from Trate to Letheras. The Crimson Guard mage, Corlo, noted that the ruins reminded him of K'Chain Che'Malle tombs, but bigger. When they reached the village they found garrison soldiers and workers excavating a barrow.[6]

Finadd Arlida Tullid intercepted their path with his soldiers, announcing that he had assumed control of Brous and declared it independent of Letheras. King Ezgara Diskanar had been too half-hearted in his response to the Tiste Edur invasion and the Finadd meant to resist the Edur. He sought to recruit anyone he could to his side and placed his mage, Urger, in charge of removing the wards that held a creature in the barrow in order to bind it to their side against the Edur. Urger dissuaded the Finadd from attempting to forcibly recruit the Guardsmen just as Corlo noted the creature was on the verge of escape.[6]

Later, Emperor Rhulad Sengar and his brothers went to Brous after hearing reports that a demon of some kind had been freed there. When they arrived, they found everyone in the village had been slaughtered by a Forkrul Assail named Serenity that had been released from the barrow outside the town. When Serenity killed Rhulad and fled, the two Kenryll'ah tyrants who had accompanied the Edur pursued him, having decided that the Forkrul Assail was not at all to their liking.[7]

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