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Brys Beddict [Breez[2] Bed-ickt][3] was the youngest of the Letherii Beddict brothers, the other two being Tehol Beddict and Hull Beddict. He was a Finadd of the Royal Guard and new to the title 'King's Champion'.[4][5] Brys found the title "not comfortable, but manageable" and half-heartedly longed for simpler days of less responsibility.[6]

The King's Champion was purportedly the finest swordsman in the kingdom.[7] His speed and exquisite control of the blade were unmatched.[8][9] As part of his duties, he led training exercises of the king's own guard that sometimes attracted an audience.[10] He was drawn to the fighting arts by their relative simplicity and predictability. Self-discipline could impose a measure of order on an otherwise chaotic and complicated world.[11]

He claimed to others that he did not understand his brothers, but admitted privately to himself that he understood them all too well.[12] As a young soldier he had adored his brother, Hull, but had not seen him in the many years since Hull's disgrace.[12] He thought Tehol hungry for the Letherii desire for wealth, but unable to be satisfied by its rewards.[13]

Brys was an attractive man with calm brown eyes and a martial bearing.[14] He wore formal armour suiting his title and carried a longsword.[15] According to Tehol, Brys was a well muscled man under all his armour, although not as much as Hull.[16]

In Midnight Tides[]

Beddict acted as King Ezgara Diskanar's personal bodyguard, and was a close friend of Ceda Kuru Qan. He was part of the faction that remained loyal to the king and opposed to the faction of Queen Janall, Prince Quillas, and Chancellor Triban Gnol. Brys' closest rival for the title of King's Champion had been Moroch Nevath, who served as Quillas' bodyguard.[17] Brys stood by the loyal Preda Unnutal Hebaz during a tense meeting with the Queen's faction and only his swift draw of the sword likely saved the Preda from Moroch's blade.[18]

After the Tiste Edur summoned a monstrous Demon spirit-god to destroy the Trate waterfront, the Ceda and First Eunuch Nifadas suspected Warlock King Hannan Mosag had somehow corrupted the sea god, Mael, to his service. The Ceda sent Brys Beddict to Mael's realm discover the truth.[19] Deep under the sea, Brys encountered the armoured Guardian of the Names, from whom the Edur's demon god had been stolen. He defeated the Guardian in a duel but showed it mercy, offering his own blood to support its charge to protect the other Forgotten Gods. Brys asked for the names of the forgotten gods, so that whilst he was alive none other could enslave them. As the names seared into his head he awoke in the chamber of the tiles and told Kuru Qan what the Edur had done.[20]

Brys was drawn into the affairs of Finadd Gerun Eberict, feared possessor of the King's Leave, which gave him immunity from nearly any crime. He first sought out Eberict to discern whether the traitorous Hull was in any danger when the two would both attend the upcoming Great Meeting between the Letherii and the Tiste Edur. The Finadd assured Brys that Hull was an old friend and safe from his justice, but his enquiries into Tehol's affairs put Brys on edge.[21] He warned Tehol, and when it became clear that Hull was aiding the Edur in their war against Lether, he assigned the Shavankrats to protect him.[22]

Brys Beddict by Dejan Delic

The Ceda sent Brys to the city's Azath Tower to investigate the seeming death of the Azath House as indicated by the tiles of the Cedance. Brys met the Tower's undead Guardian, Kettle, who explained the House had attempted to free one of its prisoners to slay the others. Brys met with the spirit of Silchas Ruin who showed him a vision of the Crippled God's fall to earth and told him he required two swords. The Ceda provided him with the blades Glory Goat and Sarat Wept from his own trove.[23]

During the Edur invasion, Brys was kept close to the King, while he watched the Ceda seemingly lose his mind over a period of time. The king's sorcerer could only lay on the floor near the throne room of the Eternal Domicile while warning Brys not to kill an unspecified "him".[24] Brys held a puzzling conversation with the peculiar First Consort Turudal Brizad that hinted at some hidden warning.[25] When Moroch revealed that Turudal Brizad was the Errant and asked Brys for advice in regards to a task Brizad had made of him, Brys advised him to do as the god asked.[26]

When Emperor Rhulad Sengar and his Edur breached the gates of Letheras, Eberict counted on Brys' sense of duty to the king and made his move on Tehol. Brys could only hope for the best for his brother while he remained at his king's side in the Eternal Domicile.[27] The Ceda's seeming incapacity was revealed to be false when the Edur emperor and his entourage approached the throne room. The Ceda stood against Warlock King Hannan Mosag and his K'risnan in a sorcerous duel, and Brys despaired when the Ceda fell to Trull Sengar's spear at his moment of triumph.[28]

Death of Brys Beddict by Shadaan

Next, Brys challenged Rhulad to single combat. He quickly and efficiently cut Rhulad to pieces severing enough muscles and tendons to incapacitate him while only losing two of his own fingers in the process. As the Ceda had warned, he did not kill Rhulad but instead incapacitated him so that the Edur could not be resurrected by the Crippled God's magic. His job done, Brys took a goblet of wine to quench his thirst, unaware that it was poisoned and had already killed King Ezgara and Nifadas. Brys collapsed against the foot of the throne's dais and died.[29]

The Guardian of the Names then entered the throne room to collect Brys' body. As it departed, it was nudged by the Errant to show the mercy it had learned from Brys. It slew the agonized Rhulad to put him out of his misery and unknowingly undid all the work of Brys' victory.[30] Afterwards, the Guardian brought Brys' body to Mael to transfer the knowledge of the forgotten names to Tehol. Then it carried Brys off to serve at his side as one of the Guardians of the Names.[31]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Brys Beddict.

In Reaper's Gale[]

Few knew what happened to Brys after the events in the Eternal Domicile. The urn placed in the palace cemetery near the Azath Tower contained only the cup that had contained the poison. There were no ashes and his sword was missing.[32] Rhulad remembered him as "the one honourable Letherii warrior I was privileged to meet."[33]

One of his severed fingers was held by Feather Witch, who kept it hidden inside her for months investing it with the power of her blood.[34] When she took over the church of the Errant, she predicted that Brys would become the god's Mortal Sword of the Empty Hold.[35] The other finger was kept in a jar suspended in pink goo by Selush, dresser of the dead.[36]

Hannan Mosag determined he needed Brys as the Mortal Sword of Kurald Emurlahn for his plans to heal the fractured warren and reunite the Tiste peoples. Although not Tiste Edur, Brys alone had stood against Rhulad Sengar.[37] The Warlock King sent Bruthen Trana's spirit questing at the bottom of the ocean to find Brys.[38] Trana made his way to the place of the Forgotten Gods where he was confronted by the Guardian of the Names. The Guardian directed him to a pillar bearing only the words "Brys Beddict, Saviour of the Empty Hold". When Bruthen released Brys' body, the Guardian gave Brys his sword before the current swiftly pulled him away.[39]

In Letheras, the finger kept by Selush began to twitch and she sent word to Rucket of the Rat Catchers' Guild. Ormly hastened to Settle Lake in time for Brys to resurface from the water. The Rat Catcher told Brys Tehol's life was in danger and he needed to save him. But before the two could depart, Ursto Hoobutt demanded Brys reveal the name of the Demon spirit-god which was itself about to escape its bonds in the lake. Brys revealed the god's name was Ay'edenan of the Spring and Ursto used the knowledge to send the demon god away.[40]

Brys and Ormly made their way to the headquarters of the Patriotists where Tehol was awaiting execution. Their entrance into the compound was preceded by a flood of rats. Finding Karos Invictad standing over his battered brother, Brys disemboweled the Invigilator and cut off the hand holding his bloodied sceptre. When Ormly made to fetch a healer, Brys said there was no need as an Elder God (Mael) was on the way.[41] Afterwards, Brys was recognised as the Saviour of Lether and Tehol was made emperor by public proclamation. When Adjunct Tavore Paran reached the Eternal Domicile at the head of her troops, Brys greeted them as liberators and began negotiations for their departure.[42] He soon began to find Tehol's style of governing bewildering and exhausting.[43]

In Dust of Dreams[]

"And then Fiddler faced Brys. 'King of Life.' The card flashed out of his hand, glittering like a dagger, and Brys snatched a breath the instant before it struck, eyes closing - he felt the blow, but no where near as viciously as had the others, and nothing touched his breast. He opened his eyes to see the card hovering, shivering, in the air before him."
―When Fiddler read the Deck of Dragons[src]

Brys started a lengthy overhaul of the Letherii Army, in concert with the Malaz 14th Army in Letheras. He accompanied the Bonehunters along with a detachment of the Letherii Army into the Wastes. He was also the object of Atri-Ceda Aranict's affections, feelings he came to reciprocate. He survived the battle with the K'Chain Nah'ruk.

In The Crippled God[]

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War Council by Shadaan
Fictional meeting of (left to right): Brys Beddict The Finadd of the First Empire, Dassem Ultor The Malazan original First Sword, Krughava of the Perish, Onos T'oolan First Sword of the Imass, Fear Sengar, the Edur Warleader and the Mortal sword of Treach: Gruntle

"Sometimes, when nothing can be shared except regret, then regret must serve as the place to begin. Reconciliation does not demand that one side surrender to the other. The simple, mutual recognition that mistakes were made is in itself a closing of the divide."
―Brys Beddict talking about reconciliation with Tavore Paran[src]

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