Bucklund was sergeant of the Bridgeburners' 12th Squad.[1]

In Memories of IceEdit

During the Pannion War, Bucklund and the Bridgeburners were sent ahead of Onearm's Host to reconnoiter the Pannion Seer's forces at the city of Coral. After Dujek arrived with the army and the Siege of Coral began, Bucklund and the other Bridgeburners were secretly inserted into the city by Quorl during the night.

Bridgeburner sappers used Moranth munitions to level a tower and open an entrance into the city's keep. Once inside they were attacked by an undead K'ell Hunter which Hedge killed by dropping a Cusser at his own feet. Bucklund recovered the stunned Blend from amongst the resulting rubble. The remaining Bridgeburners under Lieutenant Picker's command were soon joined by Lady Envy and Baaljagg, who sought to rescue Toc the Younger. Bucklund unthinkingly blurted out answers to Envy's questions before being silenced by Picker.[1]

The Bridgeburners joined forces with Envy in return for the sorceress' healing magic. In the subsequent fighting with Urdomen troops, Bucklund fell with half his head cut away.[2] He was later interred within a sarcophagus in the throne room of Moon's Spawn along with the other fallen Bridgeburners by Anomander Rake. The dying Skykeep was then left to float eastward over the Rust Ocean where it was expected to eventually crash into the sea.[3]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Ganoes Paran, now Master of the Deck, travelled to the newly reborn sea of Raraku. On its shores he performed a ritual to summon all of the dead Bridgeburners by name, including Bucklund. Among the ranks, Hedge bragged this was not the first time this group of dead Bridgeburners had walked among the living, noting that they had twisted the hair of Korbolo Dom and his Dogslayers at the Battle of Raraku. Shank spoke directly to Paran, asking their former captain what he required. Paran requested that they help him find the Deragoth to destroy Dejim Nebrahl.[4]

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