Tehol: "Ah yes, you have trousers to make—have you enough wool for that?"
Bugg: "Well, I can make one leg down all the way, or I can make both short."
Tehol: "How short?"
Bugg: "Pretty short."
Tehol: "Go with the one leg."
―Tehol and Bugg[src]

Bugg was the unpaid manservant of Tehol Beddict in Letheras.[1][2] He was described as an old man[3] with a grizzled head, thinning hair, and a wizened face.[4][5] His body was covered in scars.[6]

He lived in Tehol's house but only came up onto the roof where Tehol spent most of his time when he needed more light for his tasks, one of which was knitting.[3] Tehol claimed to sleep on the roof due to Bugg's prodigious snoring.[7] Bugg's own shirt possessed many hidden pockets.[8]

A former dresser of the dead, he continued to provide his services free of charge to those in need.[9] In fact, Tehol and Bugg had met when Bugg had embalmed both of Tehol's parents.[10]

Bugg had sworn a vow of celibacy.[11]

In Midnight TidesEdit

Tehol and bugg by dejan delic-d9qm1cr

Interpretation of Tehol and Bugg by Dejan Delic

Bugg: "What do you want we should eat tonight?"
Tehol: "Something that needs cooking."
Bugg: "Would that be something better when cooked, or something that has to be cooked?"
Tehol: "Either way's fine."
Bugg: "How about wood?"
Tehol: "I'm not eating—"
Bugg: "For the hearth."
―Tehol and Bugg[src]

Bugg showed a surprising array of skills and knowledge, from knitting to engineering and construction. He rebuilt Tehol's fireplace by hand.[12] The man was also something of a mage as he set wards about their house every night.[10] The city's small time criminals knew him as the Waiting Man who could be called upon to settle unusual problems.[13]

Bugg acted as frontman in Tehol's business endeavours and as proprietor of Bugg's Construction. He was Tehol's 'partner in crime' in a number of dubious ventures.[14][15]

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