Burl Tardin was a Genabackan pirate from the Confederacy of Free Cities. He captained the vessel, the Sea Strike.

In AssailEdit

Burl and his ship headed to Assail based on the rumors of a gold rush. He believed his was the first Confederacy ship to successfully arrive in Assail, passing the Fear Narrows leading into the Dread Sea.[1] His ship soon fell victim to the powerful magics of the sea, becoming lost in the mists. Burl's crew disappeared one by one until only he remained on board. Some time later his derelict ship was discovered by Cartheron Crust and the crew of the Ragstopper. Burl, his "face white and his eyes rolling in terror", burst from hiding and stabbed Crust before disappearing overboard.[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

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