Burn's Sleep was the predominant era in Malazan history covered by Malazan Book of the Fallen series. The name itself referenced the amount of time that the goddess Burn had been asleep. The first book of the series, Gardens of the Moon began in the year 1163 of Burn's Sleep. Prophecies predicted the death of humankind when the goddess awoke.

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Start of Burn's Sleep calendar year[edit | edit source]

The first day of the Burn's Sleep calendar year appeared to be the first day of Spring instead of the Malazan equivalent of January 1st. In Gardens of the Moon the changeover from the Year of the Tusk to the Year of the Moon's Tears was tied to the Gedderone Fête celebrating the first day of Spring.[1][2] The Burn's Sleep calendar seemed to follow the same convention. The majority of events covered in Gardens of the Moon leading to the Gedderone Fete were recorded as occurring in 1163 BS.[3] The events of Memories of Ice were recorded as occurring two months after the Fete in 1164 BS.[4]

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In Memories of Ice[edit | edit source]

The calendar seemed to be tied to the year Burn, sensing the sickness of the Crippled God within her flesh, voluntarily fell into a deep sleep to forge her power into a weapon against her tormentor. The goddess gave this hammer to Caladan Brood. In 1164 BS, Brood stated he had borne the hammer's burden for nearly 1200 years.[5]

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Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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