Cal-Brinn was an Avowed company mage and the captain of the Fourth Company of the Crimson Guard. He drew his power from the warren of Rashan,[1] but also had a minor talent with Denul.[2] He was one of the strongest mages in the Guard and a fearsome swordsman,[3] who fought with a pair of longswords.[4]

He was middle-aged but looked older and his very dark skin colour indicated him to be of Dal Honese descent. His wrinkled and scared features were drawn and thin. His hair was close-cut and kinked.[5][6]

He typically wore an ankle-length mail coat, complete with hood beneath his blood-red Guard tabard.[4] His longswords were sheathed at his hips.[4]

In Midnight TidesEdit

During fighting on Assail, Cal-Brinn's Fourth Company became scattered. Iron Bars' Second Blade separately found their way to the Letherii Empire by ship.[7]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Cal-Brinn and his company did not return to Stratem at the end of the Diaspora, and his whereabouts was unknown to the rest of the reunited Guard. Shimmer had a personal connection with Cal-Brinn and missed his presence during Skinner's betrayal.[8] Iron Bars knew the Fourth Company was on Assail, but was captured and enslaved before reaching Shimmer and the others.[9]

In AssailEdit

Cal-Brinn and his company spent many years in Assail and were thought lost by the rest of the Guard. When a job with the Sharr and Sheer families of Exile Keep went sour, Iron Bars's squad was separated from the rest of the Fourth.[10] Ultimately Cal-Brinn and his remaining fifteen Avowed became hearthguards for the Lost Iceblood clan.[11] When his company was reunited with K'azz D'Avore and the other Guardsmen and women in the Salt Mountains, he returned home to Stratem for the first time in 20 years.[12][13]

In Dancer's LamentEdit

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In Kellanved's ReachEdit

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