A collection of poems attributed to "Felisin" (b.1146).

First Known SegmentEdit

"The Emperor is dead!
So too his right hand - now cold, now severed!
But mark these dying shadows,
twinned and flowing bloody and beaten,
down and away from mortal sight...
From sceptre's rule dismissed,
from gild candelabra the light now fled,
from a hearth ringed in hard jewels
seven years this warmth has bled...

The Emperor is dead.
So too his master'd companion, the rope cut clean.
But mark this burgeoning return -
faltering dark, the tattered shroud -
embracing children in Empire's dying light.
Hear now the dirge faint reprised,
before the sun's fall, this day spills red
on buckled earth, and in obsidian eyes
vengeance chimes seven times...
―Call to Shadow (I.i. 1-18)[src]

Second Known SegmentEdit

"With the coming of the Moranth
the tide turned.
And like ships in a harbour
the Free Cities were swept under
Imperial seas
The war entered its twelfth year,
the Year of the Shattered Moon
and its sudden spawn
of deathly rain and
black-winged promise.
Two cities remained to contest
the Malazan onslaught.
One stalwart, proud banners
beneath Dark's powerful wing.
The other divided —
—without an army,
bereft of allies —
The strong city fell first.
―Call to Shadow[src]

Third Known SegmentEdit

"It was said
she turned the blade on herself then
to steal the magic
of life.
―Call to Shadow (IX. ii)[src]

Fourth Known SegmentEdit

"There are folds in this shadow… hiding entire worlds."
―Call to Shadow[src]

In House of ChainsEdit

Felisin Paran was confirmed as being the author or co-author of the Call to Shadow poem excerpts that appeared in the epigraphs of several chapters in Gardens of the Moon by Felisin Younger. Felisin's adopted daughter told Heboric that Felisin had rediscovered her hunger for writing poetry and worked on continuing the Call to Shadow poem begun by her mother. The historian believed the Whirlwind Goddess used Felisin's creative efforts to whisper secrets containing truths into her ear.[1]


Given the date for the poem it is likely that the Felisin in question was the daughter rather than the mother as it falls within a year or two of Felisin Paran's date of birth based on the age she gave whilst at the Otataral mines.[2][3]

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