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Callows was a city of thirty thousand residents[1] on the southwest coast of the continent of Genabackis, which was known for its spices and perfumes.[2] It was a trader city and merchant's paradise whose harbour was filled with countless ships. Copper-sheathed domes, minarets, winding streets, and flower-filled balconies contributed to its overall beauty.[1] Merchant trader ships from Callows were found anchored in Darujhistan.[3]

Callows was home to the Thousand Sects of D'rek, each with its own religious dogma and icons.[4] Hidden below the city was an abandoned temple of K'rul.[1]

The Phoenix Inn served Callows bitter coffee.[5]

To the west of Callows was The Twins, an unspecified geographic feature.[6]

In Memories of Ice Edit

Lady Envy was summoned to Callows to meet with K'rul. When she arrived she found that the city had been sacked and that none of its roughly 30,000 inhabitants had survived. Their bodies lay in heaped pyres along the road into the city, and their blood ran through the streets into the harbour. Every ship in the harbour had been holed and sunk.[1]

Envy initially thought it was the work of the Pannion Domin, but K'rul assured her that the devastation had been wrought by an unhuman army upon a warren-twisted fleet "from across the ocean", plying the world's oceans for a worthy challenge.[1]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

It was revealed that the citizens of Callows were slain by Tiste Edur, sent out by Rhulad in search of challengers.[7]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

The Captain mentioned sending emissaries to New Callows, implying people had rebuilt the city.[8]

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