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Calm was a Forkrul Assail.

She was described as having "skin like polished marble, devoid of flaws, a broad brow over enormous midnight eyes that seemed dry and flat, like onyx beneath a layer of dust". Her "mass of blue-black hair" was described as "like fine roots".[1] Calm had "high, flaring cheekbones" and "a wide mouth".[1]

She was also depicted as "a thing of hairless pate, skin the hue of bleached papyrus, elongated limbs that moved with uncanny grace".[2]

In House of Chains[]

Teblor legends told of a "Forkassal" who had come to the Laederon Plateau when the Teblor spirits were in their youth. At the time the region had been engulfed by the Spirit Wars, a clash of foreign gods and demons. The Forkassal had sought to make peace between the contestants, but instead the T'lan Imass had destroyed it by trapping it under a heavy stone slab.[1]

Calm had been imprisoned beneath the slab for thousands of years. When Karsa Orlong stumbled across the imprisoned Assail, he chose to help her escape from her captivity. He and Bairoth Gild wanted to free her, but Delum Thord had serious doubts. After some discussion, it was agreed that the three would free the "demon". As Calm was released, she lunged at Karsa and knocked him to the ground. Delum Thord reached for his weapons, an act which Calm took as a threat causing her to throw him some distance with a swipe of her powerful hand. This one blow caused major brain damage to Delum Thord.[1]

Before she departed she told the three Teblor that she was a Bringer of Peace and she fought against her desire to strike down the three men and bring them eternal peace. She laughed to think that her release meant the work of Icarium and the T'lan Imass had been undone. She warned that Karsa had been chosen, and when he was poised to change the world she would return to bring peace.[1]

Soon after, the Teblor were discovered by a group of guards, scouts, and priests from Silver Lake, who had come to worship at Calm's stone.[3][4]

In The Crippled God[]

Calm vs Mappo by Shadaan

Calm collected the bones of her ancestors and with them chained the unconscious Icarium in the old lands of the Elan, with the intention either of using his power or killing him, depending on the outcome of her ambitions. It was revealed that Sister Calm was a Pure, one of the Lawful Inquisitors[5] in Kolanse, but unbeknownst to her fellow Forkrul Assail, she was working with the Elder Gods, Sechul Lath, Errastas, and Kilmandaros.

Calm killed Mappo Runt who was trying to prevent her awakening the rage of Icarium at which point Ublala Pung arrived and killed the Assail.[6]

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