Calot was a cadre mage in the 2nd Army.[1] He was at least one hundred years old, wrinkles often showing on his high forehead when he frowned.[2] The mage was extremely thin, bony, and small in build, though described as well proportioned.[2] He had been under the command of Nedurian at one point.[2]

He had a self-described weakness for the pleasures of the flesh.[3]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Calot had become the lover of the current Cadre Mage Commander, Tattersail.[4]

During the Siege of Pale, Calot broke off his attack on Moon's Spawn to channel his own energy and Warren into defending Tattersail. By channeling his defenses outwards he was left vulnerable and perished in the siege having been caught in a blast of bright fire.[5] Calot was facing the plain rather than Moon's Spawn just before being struck leading Tattersail to assume that the fatal attack had been perpetrated by Tayschrenn.[6]

In Kellanved's ReachEdit

Calot was sentenced to death for an undisclosed reason and placed under a massive stone with only his steadily weakening magic preventing him from being crushed. The townspeople who had implemented his execution had used his weakness for wine and women to drug and overcome him. Tayschrenn offered to free Calot if he swore to serve Kellanved. The warlock resentfully agreed.[7]


Calot had access to the Warren of Mockra.[8] He could sense when another wielded magic or magic was present. He described this sense as akin to "smell" and was affected by it accordingly.[2]

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