Cannig Tol was the leader of a clan of Kron T'lan Imass. The Bonecaster of his clan was Pran Chole.[1] Pran Chole judged that Cannig Tol was no fool.[2]

In Memories of IceEdit

Towards the end of the 33rd Jaghut War, Canning Tol's clan numbered less than a dozen adults.[3] They were hunting down the last Jaghut on the continent, a Jaghut mother and her two young children. During the pursuit, he and Pran Chole observed the remains of a group of ranag and ay which had become trapped in a natural sinkhole, created after the waters of Jaghra Til evaporated. Cannig Tol remarked that the scene captured in the clay must be ancient. He told the Bonecaster it was an omen for the future of the Imass.[4]

When they caught up with the Jaghut mother, Cannig was surprised at her apparent calmness and felt she should be killed immediately but staid his hand so that Pran Chole could speak with her first. When Cannig heard that the children had been taken to the Rent at Morn, he blanched and told the Bonecaster to follow them immediately as "we are not cruel".[5]

Soon afterwards, Cannig and the others attended the First Gathering to conduct the Ritual of Tellann that would transform them into the T'lan Imass.[6]

Cannig Tol was present during the Siege of Coral. When Itkovian, in his role as Shield Anvil took it upon himself to embrace the T'lan Imass outside Coral, amongst the memories of those standing before him were those of Cannig Tol:

"I, Cannig Tol, watched as my hunters hurled their spears. She fell without making a sound, the last of her kind on this continent, and had I a heart, it would have burst, then. There was no justice in this war. We’d left our gods behind, and knelt only before an altar of brutality. Truth. And I, Cannig Tol, shall not turn away from truth"
―Cannig Tol[src]

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