The Isle of Jacuruku


The Canyon Lands of Jacuruku lay between the Kingdom of the Thaumaturgs and the Desert of the Adwami Tribes. They were a maze of bone-dry canyons, buttes, cliffs, and stony valleys[1] running east-west from the shores of the Ocean of Storms to the Gangrek Range. Washes in the Canyon Lands were sodden at night and dry by day.[2] They took more than a day to cross from north to south.[3]

Small bands of Adwami annually crept through the Canyon Lands to launch raids into the Thaumaturg lands, where they looted villages, stole crops, and took captives.[4]

In Blood and BoneEdit

The Warleader led an army of mercenaries and the collected cavalry and infantry of the Adwami across the Canyon Lands to launch a punitive campaign deep into the Thaumaturg lands. [5][6]

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