Stratem Map by D'rek & Werthead

Unofficial Stratem Map
Created by D'rek, modified by Werthead

The Cape of the Stone Army was the northeastern cape of the Sea of Chimes on Stratem. It took its name from the "curious formations of octagonal stone pillars that crowded the coast and extended out to sea."[1] The mass of towers known as the Cursed Soldiers resembled an army marching out of the waves that had been "cursed into eternal petrification."[1] Some pillars were as wide around as a third of an oceangoing vessel's length with tops so tall they could not be seen from below.[2] Others barely topped the surf.[3] Where they met the water, the rocky towers were webbed in sea spray, seaweed, and barnacles.[2]

Ships avoided traveling within a league of the rocky pillars and the cape's slate shore.[4] Beyond the cape lay the Bloodmare Ocean.

In AssailEdit

Shimmer and a group of the Crimson Guard left Fortress Haven bound for Assail in search of Cal-Brinn's lost Fourth Company. Shimmer hoped to be joined by K'azz D'Avore, but the Crimson Guard commander was nowhere to be found. As their vessel, Mael's Greetings, rounded the Cape of the Stone Army, one of the night watch spotted a bonfire in the darkness of the slate shore. Shimmer ordered the hired merchant vessel directed towards the rocky pillars despite Master Ghelath Keer's protests. Atop one of the low pillars they found K'azz waiting and a launch was sent to retrieve him.[5]

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