Capemoths were grey[1] insects the size of small birds[2] in the Malazan world, which fed on carrion and mostly occurred in swarms in fairly arid regions. They were prolific in Seven Cities and were mentioned in the vicinity of the Pan'potsun Odhan,[3] Ehrlitan,[4] around Hissar,[2] and near the Sekala River[5] to name a few. They also were found in the Awl'dan[6] and the Wastelands of the Lether continent.[7]

There may have been several different types. The desert capemoths around Hissar were carrion-eaters and themselves were a food source for bat-like rhizan lizards.[3][2] Their large wings would slowly fan whilst they were eating.[8] Capemoth larvae excreted a poison which would make water undrinkable.[9] They ate the scabs of sleepers, making only soft crunching noises.[1]

They could sense movement through stirrings in the air and see heat from long ways away. They used these senses to avoid their rhizan predators.[10]

Capemoths were Hood's symbol in Seven Cities and carved on his temple in Aren.[11]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Bottle made use of capemouth scouts to monitor for enemies as his group of Malaz 14th Army stragglers made their way west from Y'Ghatan.[10]

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