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  • Yedan Derryg

About the artist Edit

Malazan Dramatis Personae by Dejan Delic

Dramatis Personae by Dejan Delic

My name is Dejan Delic, and I live in Serbia. I have a college degree in industrial design, and illustration has been the primary form of my artistic orientation for many years now. I have been drawing for quite a long time, since I was little. After graduating from the design college, I have dedicated myself to graphic design, comics and illustration, with illustration having come to the fore in the last seven to eight years. Since I am a great fan of epic fantasy, the most common themes in my art are concerned with this genre.

The illustrations I do today are drawn in vector graphics using CorelDRAW software. Naturally, it all started with pen and paper, in the traditional way, but over the years I switched to creating in digital form, which suits me better and completely realises my imagined style in a desired way.

My serious interest in dealing with fan art has begun after the reading of "ASOIAF" series, written by GRRM, and it's just become deeper with the books written by some of the greatest epic fantasy writers such as: J. V. Jones, Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson and many others. Through constantly reading I had a strong desire to convey my vision of books in which I was enjoying, as well as to achieve some interest of the audience for these series through my drawing style.

Malazan dramatis personae pt 2 by dejan delic

Part 2 by Dejan Delic

I have discovered “Malazan Book of the Fallen” series in 2014, and since then my approach in making fan art and epic fantasy genre in general is utterly changed. Erikson's original and unique writing style bought me on very first reading, and after every read book my wish to illustrate characters and scenes has growing more and more. Except fantastic writing style which has completely thrilled me, I like the fact that despite all its unquestionable quality Malazan is still not the mainstream, and it does not have such a commercial popularity like some other series in genre. Also, it was (and still is) a real challenge to work on illustration and visual presentation based on characters and scenes for which you don't have entire description, or that description could be a bit changed depending on the book, because Erikson, like a true historian and archaeologist, is not revealing everything to his readers, yet, one big part of the story stays beneath the veil of history, as it should be. He's literally forcing readers to use their own imagination, without hand holding and tutoring through the series.

After all these years hanging around with Malazan, water is still clear between us. And it will remain so.


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