The following images are considered spoiler free for
anyone who has read the Malazan Book of the Fallen series up to the end of Deadhouse Gates

  • Icarium by Crochet Me Curios
  • Adjunct Tavore by Seraph777
  • Apsalar by Kremena Chipilova
  • Apt by Toraneko
  • Apt demon of Shadow by Merlkir
  • Apt the aptorian by Genesischant
  • Apt by A Demon Llama
  • Aptorian by Corporal Nobbs
  • Assassin by slaine69
  • Awakening the Whirlwind by Grimhilde
  • Azath by Earlinwe
  • Baudin by Tunahai
  • Bult by Corporal Nobbs
  • Bult by Dejan Delic
  • Call to Shadow by Mer Helv
  • Coltaine by Corporal Nobbs
  • Coltaine by Dejan Delic
  • Coltaine by Dejan Delic
  • Coltaine by GenKael
  • Coltaine by Puck
  • Coltaine by Sarinjin
  • Coltaine by Shadaan
  • Coltaine by Zsoszy
  • Coltaine of the Wickan Crow clan by Luztheren
  • Coltaine rides out by slaine69
  • Coltaine's Fall by GenKael
  • Cuttle by Corporal Nobbs
  • Dance by Ylva Ljungqvist
  • Dancer by spin-drift
  • Whale by Shadaan
  • Clock by Shadaan
  • Stretch by Shadaan
  • Roasted by Shadaan
  • Dhenrabi attack by Corporal Nobbs
  • Dhenrabi by Corporal Nobbs
  • Duiker by Dejan Delic
  • Duiker by Matt Smith
  • Duiker by Corporal Nobbs
  • Fearless Felisin by Mer Helv
  • Felisin Paran by Dejan Delic
  • Felisin by enolezdrata
  • Felisin Paran by Pixx-73
  • Felisin Paran by Yapattack
  • Fener by Grimhilde
  • Gesler by Dejan Delic
  • Gesler by Luztheren
  • Gothos by Corporal Nobbs
  • Gryllen by Shadaan
  • Heboric by Yapattack
  • Heboric by Dejan Delic
  • Heroism and murder in one act by Efirende
  • Icarium - Wrath of Time by Shadaan
  • Icarium by Dejan Delic
  • Icarium by Rukuarimo
  • Icarium by Shadaan
  • Icarium Lifestealer by Grimhilde
  • Icarium by Corporal Nobbs
  • Icarium the jhag by DeathriS
  • Icarium by Yapattack
  • Iskaral Pust by Corporal Nobbs
  • Iskaral Pust by Matt Smith
  • Iskaral's bane by Jeanfverreault
  • Jade Hand by A Demon Llama
  • Jade Hand by Corporal Nobbs
  • Jaghut by McDev
  • Jump Rope by Sarinjin
  • Kalam Mekhar by slaine69
  • Keneb by Corporal Nobbs
  • Korbolo Dom by Dejan Delic
  • Icarium by Kremena Chipilova
  • Leoman by Yapattack
  • Leoman by Dejan Delic
  • Like a Hood Dammned Prayer by Enaglio
  • Lostara Yil by PLUGO
  • Lostara Yil by Corporal Nobbs
  • Lostara Yil by Grimhilde
  • Lostara Yil by Mer Helv
  • Magi of High House Shadow - Iskaral Pust by Keezy Young
  • Ideas for Legana Breed Mappo Runt, Icarium, and Whiskeyjack by Jeanfverreault
  • Mallick Rel by Corporal Nobbs
  • Mallick Rel by Dejan Delic
  • Mappo and Icarium by Jeanfverreault
  • Mappo by Zsoszy
  • Mappo by Dejan Delic
  • Mappo Runt by Luztheren
  • Mappo Runt by Tsabo6
  • Mappo the Trell by Corporal Nobbs
  • Mappo Runt by Yapattack
  • Kalam Mekhar by slaine69
  • Mockra Mage by Harkalé Linaï
  • Nawahl Ebur by Zoe Badini
  • Nether by Dejan Delic
  • Nil by Dejan Delic
  • Pearl by Corporal Nobbs
  • Sha'ik by slaine69
  • Silanda Burned by Shadaan
  • Sormo E'nath - Day of Pure Blood by Corporal Nobbs
  • Sormo E'nath by Typhonart
  • Stormy and Gesler by Luztheren
  • Stormy by Dejan Delic
  • Stormy by Luztheren
  • T'amber by Dejan Delic
  • T'amber by Thirteen
  • Tavore Paran by Corporal Nobbs
  • Tavore Paran by Dejan Delic
  • Tavore Paran by Yapattack
  • Tene Baralta by Dejan Delic
  • The Aren Way by Corporal Nobbs
  • The Fall by Ylva Ljungqvist
  • The rage of Icarium by Jeanfverreault
  • Toblakai by slaine69
  • Waywards by slaine69
  • Whirlwind by Corporal Nobbs
  • Wickan widow by Dejan Delic
  • Wickan Dog Patch by Weaver

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