The following images are considered spoiler free for
anyone who has read the Malazan Book of the Fallen series up to the end of House of Chains

  • Karsa Orlong by Crochet Me Curios
  • Abnegation by Taylor Christensen
  • Andarist by Autumn Tavern
  • Andarist with Cutter and Apsalar by Dejan Delic
  • Apsalar by slaine69
  • Apsalar by Artsed
  • Apsalar by Dejan Delic
  • Apsalar by slaine69
  • Apsalar, Cotillion, and Crokus by Puck
  • Apsalar by Grimhilde
  • Apsalar by Rinserepeet
  • Azalan demon by Corporal Nobbs
  • Bottle by Coalhands
  • Bottle by Dejan Delic
  • Bottle by Toraneko
  • Bridgeburners by slaine69
  • Calm by Yapattack
  • Captain Kindly by Corporal Nobbs
  • Captain Kindly by Dejan Delic
  • Corabb by Corporal Nobbs
  • Corabb by Dejan Delic
  • Cotillion - The Rope by Shadaan
  • Cotillion by Dejan Delic
  • Cutter by Corporal Nobbs
  • Chop by Shadaan
  • Eres'al by Dejan Delic
  • Forkrul Assail hero by Corporal Nobbs
  • Fiddler by Mr Adam
  • Flooded Raraku by Corporal Nobbs
  • Forkrul Assail by Dejan Delic
  • Forkrul Assaill by Corporal Nobbs
  • Greyfrog by Corporal Nobbs
  • Greyfrog by Corporal Nobbs
  • Greyfrog by Corporal Nobbs
  • Greyfrog by A Demon Llama
  • Heavies by slaine69
  • Jhag Huntress by Corporal Nobbs
  • Kalam Mekhar and his Azalan by Shadaan
  • Karsa Orlong & Felisin Younger by Dejan-Delic
  • Karsa Orlong by Yapattack
  • Karsa and Havok by Anna Ploscost
  • Karsa Orlong by Corporal Nobbs
  • Karsa Orlong by GenKael
  • Karsa Orlong by slaine69
  • Karsa Orlong by Araiwein
  • Karsa Orlong by DeathriS
  • Karsa Orlong by Dejan Delic
  • Karsa Orlong by Luztheren
  • Karsa Orlong by Merlkir
  • Karsa Orlong by Seraph777
  • Karsa Orlong by Ylva Ljungqvist
  • Karsa Orlong with Havok by Luztheren
  • Karsa Orlong Witness by Shadaan
  • Karsa the Toblakai by slaine69
  • Karsa Orlong by Yapattack
  • Karsa's pets by slaine69
  • Kindly and Pores by Corporal Nobbs
  • Knight of Chains by Ylva Ljungqvist
  • Korabas by Dejan Delic
  • Koryk by Corporal Nobbs
  • Koryk by Dejan Delic
  • L'oric by Puck
  • L'oric by Yapattack
  • Lostara Yil and Pearl by Dejan Delic
  • Malazan infantry sketches by slaine69
  • Onrack by Luztheren
  • Onrack the Broken by Genesischant
  • Onrack the Broken by Jeanfverreault
  • Onrack the Broken by slaine69
  • Karsa Orlong and sword by slaine69
  • Osserc by Dejan Delic
  • Osserc by Dejan Delic
  • Osserc by Grimhilde
  • Osseric by Fugetheoni
  • Osseric by Mrakobulka
  • Phyrlis by Harkalé Linaï
  • Pores by Corporal Nobbs
  • Pores by Dejan Delic
  • Regret by Corporal Nobbs
  • Sha'ik Reborn & Felisin Younger by Matt Smith
  • Scillara by Dejan Delic
  • Silence is Raging - Apsalar by junalesca
  • Sinn by Mrakobulka
  • Slug Fest by Shadaan
  • Smiles by Corporal Nobbs
  • Smiles by Dejan Delic
  • Tarr by Corporal Nobbs
  • Tavore and Felisin Paran by Thirteen
  • The Deragoth by Genesischant
  • The Deragoth by Corporal Nobbs
  • Torvald Nom by Corporal Nobbs
  • Trull and Onrack by Anna Ploscost
  • Trull and Onrack by slaine69
  • Trull Sengar by slaine69
  • Trull Sengar by DarkH
  • Trull Sengar by Dejan Delic
  • Trull Sengar by Puck
  • Trull Sengar by slaine69
  • Trull Sengar with spear by Puck
  • Trull Sengar by Yapattack
  • Trull Sengar by Corporal Nobbs
  • Warleader Gall by Dejan Delic
  • Witness by Shadaan

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