The following images are considered spoiler free for
anyone who has read the Malazan Book of the Fallen main series and
has also read to the end of Night of Knives and Return of the Crimson Guard

  • Ryllandaras by Corporal Nobbs
  • Cowl by Corporal Nobbs
  • Crimson Guard by PLUGO
  • Guarded by Shadaan
  • Expecting the Night - Li Heng by Shadaan
  • Greymane by GenKael
  • Iron Bars vs. Seguleh by Shadaan
  • K'azz D'Avore by Corporal Nobbs
  • K'azz D'Avore by Shadaan
  • Kyle by Mrakobulka
  • Lord of Tragedy Dassem Ultor by Shadaan
  • Mara by Shadaan
  • Possum by Corporal Nobbs
  • Prince K'azz D'Avore by Luztheren
  • Rell by PLUGO
  • Rell by PLUGO
  • Rider by Spindrift
  • Rillish Jal Keth by Dernhelm888
  • Sergeant Jumpy by PLUGO
  • Sergeant Jumpy by PLUGO
  • Shimmer by Shadaan
  • Shimmer by Shadaan
  • Skinner and Cowl by Shadaan
  • Skinner the Avowed by Luztheren
  • Smokey by Shadaan
  • Taya with Cutlasses by Ylva Ljungqvist
  • Taya with Daggers by Ylva Ljungqvist
  • The Crimson Guard - Civil War
  • Topper vs. Cowl by Shadaan
  • Traveller - From the edge by Shadaan
  • Traveller and Ereko by PLUGO
  • Traveller and Ereko by PLUGO
  • Unleashed by Shadaan
  • Urko hangs on by Enaglio
  • We don't die by Shadaan

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