The following images are considered spoiler free for those who have not yet read any of the books in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series.

  • Important characters by Slaine69
  • Anomander Rake by slaine69
  • Anomander Rake by DeathriS
  • Anomander Rake by Dejan Delic
  • Anomander Rake by Mer Helv
  • Anomander Rake by Paradanmellow
  • Anomander Rake by Rukuarimo
  • Anomander Rake by Sarah Mirza
  • Anomander Rake by Zsoszy
  • Antsy by Corporal Nobbs
  • Apsalar by Kremena Chipilova
  • Apsalar by Corporal Nobbs
  • Baruk by Shadaan
  • Ben Adaephon Delat by slaine69
  • Bhederin by Corporal Nobbs
  • Bonecaster by Efirende
  • Bridgeburners by Genesischant
  • Bridgeburner Brooch by Araiel
  • Caladan Brood by Corporal Nobbs
  • Caladan Brood by DeathriS
  • Caladan Brood by Dejan Delic
  • Caladan Brood by Luztheren
  • Caladan Brood by Yapattack
  • Crokus Younghand by Luztheren
  • Crone by Wolfsong
  • Dassem Ultor by Shadaan
  • Dujek Onearm by Matt Smith
  • Dujek Onearm by Corporal Nobbs
  • Dujek Onearm by Yapattack
  • Fiddler by Toraneko
  • Fiddler by slaine69
  • Fiddler by Corporal Nobbs
  • Fiddler by Artsed
  • Fiddler by Fugeoni
  • Fiddler by Luztheren
  • Fiddler by Tattersail
  • Fiddler by Yapattack
  • Fiddler by Matt Smith
  • Fisherman's daughter no more by Genesischant
  • Ganoes Paran by Antrix32
  • Gardens of the Moon by Earlinwe
  • Gardens of the Moon by Lin Lemasters
  • Gardens of the Moon characters by slaine69
  • Gothos by Simon Underwood
  • Gredfallan Ale logo by Autumn Tavern
  • Hedge by Coproral Nobbs
  • T'lan Imass by Corporal Nobbs
  • Imperial Warren Mister Adam
  • Kalam Mekhar by Corporal Nobbs
  • Kalam Mekhar by Luztheren
  • Kalam Mekhar Sculpt by Corporal Nobbs
  • Kallor by Corporal Nobbs
  • Korlat by Ceriselightning
  • Korlat by Johntocaelpiano
  • Kruppe by Yapattack
  • Kruppe by Corporal Nobbs
  • Laseen by Corporal Nobbs
  • Laseen by Dejan Delic
  • Malaz Island by slaine69
  • Malaz City plaza by slaine69
  • Malaz City plaza night by slaine69
  • Malazan Dramatis Personae by Dejan Delic
  • Malazan soldier by slaine69
  • Moby by Toraneko
  • Mock's Hold by Corporal Nobbs
  • Moon's Spawn by Spindrift
  • Moranth munitions by Dejan Delic
  • Murillio by Luztheren
  • Onos T'oolan by Matt Smith
  • Oponn by meesteradam
  • Oponn Version 2 by MisterAdam
  • Oponn Version 3 by MisterAdam
  • Ganoes Paran by Corporal Nobbs
  • Picker by Corporal Nobbs
  • Quick Ben and Kalam Mekhar by Shadaan
  • Quick Ben by Artsed
  • Quick Ben by Matt Smith
  • Quick Ben by Squaffle
  • Quick Ben shaved knuckle in the hole by Autumn Tavern
  • Anomander Rake by Artsed
  • Rallick Nom by Zsoszy
  • Shadowthrone by slaine69
  • Shadowthrone by Corporal Nobbs
  • Steven Erikson by Corporal Nobbs
  • Tattersail by Eileen
  • Tattersail by Luztheren
  • Tattersail by Matt Smith
  • Tayschrenn by Zsoszy
  • The First Sword by Artsed
  • The Rope by Misteradam
  • The Rope by slaine69
  • Toc the Younger by Corporal Nobbs
  • Toc the Younger by Artsed
  • Tool by Dejan Delic
  • Tool by Jeanfverreault
  • Topper by Kremena Chipilova
  • Trotts by Corporal Nobbs
  • Whiskeyjack by Toraneko
  • Whiskeyjack by Toraneko
  • Whiskeyjack by Dejan Delic
  • Whiskeyjack by Luztheren
  • Whiskeyjack by slaine69
  • Whiskeyjack by Corporal Nobbs

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