Cera Planto was an Azathanai. She was the companion of the Azathanai Vix, the self proclaimed god of the Thelomen Tartheno Toblakai, Thel Akai, and Barghast.

K'rul described her as having flaming red hair, artfully if loosely curled and piled high above a face impossibly white, as if no rays could bronze it. She had broad, flaring cheekbones, which bore an unnatural flush amidst powdered white, and the kohl surrounding her deep blue eyes and fading up to her eyebrows glistened metallic green.[1]

In Fall of LightEdit

Cera Planto and Vix were seated in a grounded boat when K'rul and Skillen Droe came across them. When asked of her current predicament, she told K'rul that she had thought to explore an Azath House, but was unsuccessful. She declined Skillen Droe's offer to dislodge their boat, stating that Vix would eventually lose the war of obstinacy and would send them on their way.

She noted that K'rul seemed very pale, almost bloodless, to which he told her of his gift of sorcery given freely to the world. He noted that by that act, his blood was swirling in the cosmos, swimming to unmindful currents. She expressed disappointment at that revelation, as she thought that a waste of his power.[1]

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