In order to contain them, shattered fragments of the Crippled God were chained on several occasions[1][2] to Burn's own flesh.


Those listed below participated in a Chaining, although it is unsure which one.

Locations Edit

The Dolmens of Tien were the location of one of the chainings.[5]

The last ChainingEdit

Those present during the last Chaining were:

During this Chaining, Hood used Dassem Ultor's daughter in some way for the ritual, possibly after Lady Envy declined to participate. Dassem subsequently broke his vow to Hood.[10] Fanald, Fener's Mortal Sword, was killed during the Chaining.[8]

Other ChainingsEdit

A Jaghut mother used the term "chaining" to describe the imprisonment of the Jaghut Tyrant Raest below the Gadrobi Hills.[11]

Notes and referencesEdit

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