The Chamber of Collections was a room in the Royal Palace of Farrog in which the necromancer, Korbal Broach, kept the decapitated heads of the people of Farrog he had beheaded before turning them into the headless undead - who then obeyed the necromancer's commands.[1] Dozens of these heads were stored on crowded shelves in a "floor-to-ceiling" cabinet situated on one side of the Chamber. In addition to the regular entrance, Broach's Chamber of Collections had a secret door in the same wall against which rested the tall cabinet.[2]

In The Fiends of NightmariaEdit

After a run-in with some prisoners recently escaped from the Royal Palace dungeons,[3] the group of thieves, the 'Party of Five', "stumbled" into a room in the crypts of the Palace. This room proved to be Korbal Broach's Chamber of Collections - which held, coincidentally, something for which the 'Party of Five' had been searching.[4]

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