Chance was the name of a leather gripped[1] longsword originally wielded by Ganoes Paran. He bought the sword three years prior to the Siege of Pale and named it on the day he bought it.[2]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Naming the sword 'Chance' inadvertently brought it, and consequently Paran, to the attention of Oponn.[3]

The first time he used the blade was against the Hound of Shadow, Gear, after Hairlock drew the Hound into Tattersail's rooms.[4] During the time the sorceress was unconscious after the attack, Hairlock was held in check by his fear of Paran and his sword.[5]

Toc the Younger though that the polished blade of Chance looked too eager when he and Paran were heading into an ambush.[6]

Paran gave the sword to Cotillion when he deemed that any luck it provided him, had turned.[7]

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