Chase was a young lieutenant in the Malazan Army. He was posted to the garrison at Mock's Hold on Malaz Island where he was Temper's immediate superior.

He was an untested soldier who had never seen any action beyond the parade ground. Consequently, he was obsessed with proper dress, regulation, and formality. He wore a freshly polished cuirass with brass and copper gilding, expensive leather boots, and an iron helm topped with the feathers of a colourful bird.[1]

Chase had clear brown eyes and smooth cheeks.[2]

In Night of KnivesEdit

Chase constantly chided Temper for his lack of polish and casual disregard for military discipline. He never suspected the slovenly old veteran was a former member of Dassem's First Sword and Malazan Army hero. [3]

Chase spent the night of the Shadow Moon of 1154 BS in the Mock's Hold garrison with no hint of the momentous events occurring in the keep above. The next day he informed Temper that an assassination attempt had taken place involving magery. Disappointed to have been left out, he was unable to comprehend Temper's seeming indifference to the news.[4]

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