Chaur was a huge young man with a pocked and ugly, monstrous face. He was a simpleton with the mind of a child, although the sight of blood had never bothered him.[1][2] Chaur was also a mute, but capable of making various sounds, including laughter.[3] He was usually very good natured and fiercely loyal. Chaur was also very stubborn.[4]

Chaur lived in a tiny hamlet at a crossroads of the Tapur Road and a trail leading into the Path'apur Mountains in Seven Cities. About three days' trek north was the city of Ahol Tapur. The blacksmith of the settlement was Barathol Mekhar who seemed to be Chaur's de facto guardian.[5]

In The BonehuntersEdit

The small travelling party of Cutter, Scillara, Heboric, Felisin Younger, and Greyfrog was ambushed by the Crippled God's T'lan Imass servants, The Unbound, near the hamlet. Heboric and Greyfrog were killed, Felisin was taken, and the others were wounded. While the survivors were tended to, Chaur, Fenar, and Urdan were tasked by Hayrith with stripping and butchering the dead horses left in their wake. Chaur was briefly stopped from dealing with one horse by Barathol as the blacksmith wanted to look at tracks surrounding it, which made Chaur fidget and whine. When told he could continue, Chaur smiled brightly.[6]

The pregnant Scillara gave birth and sometime later, she and Cutter prepared to leave. Barathol observed Chaur holding the baby girl, making faces and cooing sounds to the little one. When L'oric took the child away from him, Chaur sat there crying. Barathol saw that L'oric had not even noticed Chaur crying, and sarcastically asked the High Mage, "A question... how old do they have to get before you lose all sympathy for them?" Then the blacksmith diverted Chaur by telling him that he would need his help digging up a body, which at least brought a half-smile to the simpleton's face as he liked shoveling. They disinterred Heboric's body and readied it for Cutter and Scillara to take with them. The task brought a smile back to Chaur's face.[7]

Barathol chose to leave with Cutter and Scillara, who were taking Heboric's body to its final resting place on Otataral Island. Chaur, carrying a canvas bundle, followed after his friend and caught up with them soon after they had left. The blacksmith let him stay with the group, knowing that Chaur was too stubborn to return. The smith attached Chaur's travelling pack to the mule and gave him his boots as Chaur was barefoot, and unlike the rest of them, would have to walk for the time being. Scillara suggested that she would make some sandals out of Bhederin hide for Chaur that evening. Chaur seemed to be unfamiliar with wearing footwear and struggled to get the boots on.[8]

During a stop close to the coast, Chaur stroked Scillara's hair and watched with fascination as she exhaled smoke (from smoking Rustleaf). Later that morning, never having heard the ocean before, Chaur was circling the camp with excitement, wondering about the unusual sounds he could hear. When he finally saw the sea, he stood routed to the spot for quite some time, smiling, with tears streaming down his face. He was making strange mewling sounds, almost as if he was singing.[9]

They came to a village on the coast, empty and depopulated by the Bluetongue Plague, where Cutter found a carrack, Sanal's Grief. They loaded it with their supplies and when they were under sail, Chaur held onto the steering oar and laughed with joy whenever the bow pitched down and there was spray. The innocence of his joy gave much needed comfort to his shipmates.[10]

Their journey across the Otataral Sea was interrupted by the appearance of a dozen suns plummeting from the sky. A hail of fiery debris destroyed their carrack, and Chaur grasped Heboric's wrapped corpse as it disappeared into the depths. He became entangled by the cloth and would have drowned if Barathol had not dived after him and found him by the sudden jade glow of Heboric's body. While Scillara and Cutter were spotted and carried to a nearby ship by Spite in her Soletaken Eleint form, Barathol swam to the ship with Chaur in his arms. Aboard ship, he held Chaur's limp form in his arms and began angrily issuing Chaur orders. The others were convinced he lost his mind until Chaur coughed up a lungful of water and regained consciousness. Barathol assured the bawling young man he was not angry, before he began weeping himself.[11]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Chaur ended up in Darujhistan with Barathol. When the latter was imprisoned, Chaur took Barathol's large war-axe and went looking for the smith. He found Barathol caught in the middle of a fight between the Hound of Light, Pallid and the Hound of Shadow, Baran which had demolished much of the prison he was held in. Seeing his friend about to be killed by Pallid, Chaur hurtled into the dog. Picking himself up again, he flung the axe at Barathol then faced an enraged Pallid armed just with a stone. Although the stone struck the beast's nose, its momentum slammed it into Chaur who was flung against a wall and a sickening crunch was heard. Chaur's action saved Barathol as the two hounds carried their fight off to another part of town but Chaur was unconscious and dying having cracked his skull during the impact. When the alchemist Baruk failed to be of help, Antsy suggested they take Chaur to the new Azath House in the city. Whilst unconscious, Chaur's brain for a brief time made new connections, a suggestion of an intelligence Chaur had not possessed in his life. After a brief haggle, the guardian of the house, Raest, allowed them to place Chaur inside the hallway which as Antsy explained to Barathol would mean his body would be kept in stasis, allowing them time to find a healer.[12][13]

In Orb Sceptre Throne Edit

Chaur was retrieved from the Azath House by Rallick Nom and, according to Raest, he left physically hale and mentally as he came in.[14] He was reunited with Barathol Mekhar and went on to Barathol's new villa (likely curtesy of Kruppe) with him, little Chaur and Scillara.[15]

Notes and referencesEdit

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