The Children of the Dead Seed were the result of a Pannion Domin rite conducted by female members of the Tenescowri on their male victims. It was conducted amidst mass murder of unbelievers.

Lady Envy: "Holy Ones, please forgive my ignorance. A Child of the Dead Seed--what precisely is that?"
Pannion priest: "The moment of reward among the male unbelievers, mistress, is often marked by an involuntary spilling of life-seed... and continues after life is fled. At this moment, with a corpse beneath her, a woman may ride and so take within her a dead man's seed. The children that are thus born are the holiest of the Seer's kin."
Lady Envy (paling): "That is extraordinary..."
―Lady Envy and a Pannion priest[src]

The first ever Child of the Dead Seed was Anaster, conceived at Bastion on the first day of the Pannion Seer's return from the Mountain speaking the Words of Truth.[1] The women who performed the ritual were known as the Women of the Dead Seed. A dozen or so of the women, including Anaster's mother, formed his bodyguard. They were described as scrawny, wild-haired figures who shrieked at random and emitted an aura of darkness and madness. They used the Warren of Chaos to spread fear and madness amongst their enemies.[2]

In Memories of IceEdit

After the Pannion Domin defeat at the Siege of Capustan, the Tenescowri were rounded up and surrounded on the plains outside the city by the allied forces of Dujek Onearm and Caladan Brood. The women huddled protectively around Anaster amidst the other Tenescowri before unleashing their power against the Malazans. Hoping to catch their weakened opponents offguard, the Tenescowri mob attacked. But Anomander Rake responded in his Eleint form and drove them back. Even a direct attack with Kurald Galain magic served only to stun the women and he was forced to kill them directly with the soul-stealing Dragnipur. Whiskeyjack intervened out of a sense of compassion and single-handedly executed the remaining women by more conventional methods.[2]

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