Chillbais was a small demon with stony eyes.[1] Among his kin, he was a giant. Heavy as a badger, with sculpted muscles beneath a prickly hide.[2] His leathery wings were very nearly too small to provide any lift, yet he was able to fly.[3] He was even more squat and obese than Kruppe, causing him to waddle, and his head was bald and knobbled.[4]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Chillbais kept a vigil from an ash tree, looking for anything at all of interest going on in the Azath house in Darujhistan.[5] He returned to his master, Baruk, with news that something was trying to get out. The Great Raven Crone was with Baruk and she and Chillbais were insulting each other until the alchemist put a stop to it. Baruk told Chillbais to find somewhere to be until called, whereupon the demon clambered into the firplace and disappeared up the chimney.[6] Chillbais thought of Crone as 'that oily black-tarred hen' on another occasion.[7]

Baruk told Chillbais to take a message to Derudan. The demon again used the fireplace to exit.[8]

The Alchemist set Chillbais to watch Hinter's Tower to alert them in case of a return of the Tyrant. Hinter seemed to know, or know of, Chillbais.[9]

Chillbais could sense the arrival of the Hounds of Shadow in the distance.[10]

Perched in a niche of the gate, Chillbais tracked the arrival of the one named Traveller. His first attempt at flying off to tell his master that Dassem Ultor had appeared ended with panic amongst the crowd as Chillbais performed an impromptu crash landing.[11]

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

On a visit to Baruk, Kruppe fed Chillbais a rare blind albino cave fish from the deserts of the Jhag Odhan, pilfered from the stores of the Alchemist, which Chillbais snapped up eagerly. Baruk accused Kruppe of bribing and suborning his servants.[12]

Cillbais informed Baruk of the Tyrants arrival.[13]

Baruk set Chillbais free prior to the arrival of the Tyrant. Fearful of getting ensnared by another, Chillbais hid in a clothes chest situated in the tallest tower of Baruk's grounds.[14]

After the Tyrant was defeated, Baruk dragged himself back to the tower on his estate. Chillbais found him and administered the content of a silver flask which returned Baruk to his senses.[15]


"He is here! He is here! Dassem Ultor is here! Can I leave now?"
―Chillbais to Baruk, his master[src]
"Chillbais … what have you done to the place?’"
―Baruk upon regaining his senses[src]

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