Choss [Ch-oss like boss] was a Sub-commander of the Malaz 3rd Army at the Siege of Y'Ghatan under Dassem Ultor,[1] along with Amaron and Whiskeyjack. He had also been Nok’s protege.[2] After Dassem was wounded, Choss received a field promotion to High Fist and became interim commander of the Third Army.[3]

Choss was a wiry, battle-scarred man with a bushy tangled head of curly hair and a gold and russet beard. He had thick, expressive brows.[4][5] Choss was Napan,[6] and thus presumably had blue-hued skin.

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Like many of the Old Guard, Choss was presumed dead.[7] He resurfaced to command the Talian forces in the Talian League during the Malazan civil war. Choss and Amaron began an uprising in Quon Tali that replaced Kal'il, the Malazan governor, with a troika of noble families.[8] They also raised nearly fifty thousand troops and produced Ghelel Rhik Tayliin of the royal Tayliin line to stand as titular leader of the revolt.[9]

Leaving ten thousand soldiers behind to defend Quon Tali, Choss advanced down the Idryn River by raft with forty thousand soldiers to seize the walled city of Li Heng.[10] Along the way he linked up with Toc the Elder and his Seti.

Choss conducted the resulting siege and attack on Li Heng often leading from the frontline.[11] His troops captured the city's Outer Round becoming the second enemy to ever breach the city's legendary walls (the first being the Kanese under Chulalorn). When the city's defenders released the man-jackal Ryllandaras on Choss' men, he cannily blew their inner city gates with munitions to return the favour.[12]

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With the arrival of Empress Laseen and the Malaz 4th Army, he was forced to abandon the siege. Choss and Laseen's armies met at the Battle of the Plains where the League was broken and the severely wounded Choss was forced to surrender his army.[13] He ultimately died in Malazan captivity due to blood loss.[14]

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In Deadhouse LandingEdit

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In Kellanved's ReachEdit

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"Honour? Glory? All that horseshit those moon-eyed minstrels sing on about--none of that matters on the field! Here, a man or woman can have personal honour, yes. But no commander or state can afford it. The price is too high. Annihilation of all those who follow you. I intend to win, Duchess. That's the school I was trained in. Winning! Plenty of time afterwards to write the history to make yourself look good."
―Choss defends his strategy to Ghelel[src]

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